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Favorite Everyday Inexpensive Leggings

Favorite Everyday Inexpensive Leggings

I just had to share one of my favorite shopping deals with you.  Whether you subscribe to the idea that leggings are not pants or you live in them 24/7 in and out of your home….I’m sure you love you some leggings.  Last year I found a great deal on LEGGINGS.  Now that I’ve had them awhile and still love them, I wanted to share them with you.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great leggings that will last well for you.  I’ve recently seen them for under $20 for a set of 2 of them!! Yes, under $10 a pair!! (Prices can fluctuate a bit from the manufacturer, but they’ve been consistently a good deal.) But, what I am so excited to share is that they are such an amazing deal AND they are great quality!!! I’ve been living in these leggings EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. (Having 2 kiddos in less than two years really takes your hatred of jeans up a few notches, right?!) But….back to the quality of these leggings…so I’ve had them over a year now and they truly look exactly the same as they did when I opened them up when they arrived!! There is absolutely no fading, no pilling, and no loss of stretch or hold in the fabric.  I would buy them over and over again, but well….since they still look and feel brand new….I have not had any need to replace them, lol! They would also be a great gift idea, so keep that in mind for friends, too!


Favorite Inexpensive Leggings

I also get a lot of questions about the RUG in the picture above and it is another favorite of mine.  I loved it so much after buying it for my guest room, I bought the same rug for my living room!  Check out my REVIEW OF AREA RUG.

Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to hear how much you enjoy these leggings! Hope you love them, too!

Favorite Leggings & Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots

I also got my Sorel Joan of Arctic Boots last year and love them, too! They come in tons of colors and styles now.  The quality is wonderful and they keep your feet nice and warm, not to mention they look great, too!

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