Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

I’ve recently been rearranging my living room and wanted to share a few things that I’ve done. Our house has a beautiful two-story stone fireplace and a blanket ladder has been on my list of things I have wanted to find to place beside it.  I needed something that was a larger scale to be balanced in size next to the large fireplace. And, I should have known that as soon as I mentioned this to my Dad that the perfect piece would appear with a knock at the door a few days later.  That’s a Dad for you, isn’t it?!

Previously, I had ordered the Large wood monogram letter to hang on our fireplace.  I love it! I wanted to do something different than a large wreath that you commonly see.

Blanket Ladder Inspiration

We are pretty sure that the ‘blanket ladder’ is a very old tobacco ladder.  If you might have any knowledge of what it is, it’s age, or how it was used, please leave us a comment. Would love to learn more about it! It is pretty amazing and I am so excited my Dad found it!  To style it, I wanted three main things.. you will see as of now, I only have three pieces on the ladder, I may add more with time, but I definitely prefer an uncluttered approach to my farmhouse decor style. So, for now I am keeping it like this. So, back to the three main things I wanted to include to style the ladder.  These same three things are what I recommend to use as your rule of thumb when decorating a room or piece of furniture in modern farmhouse style, too.

My 3 Must Haves to Decorate in Modern Farmhouse Style

  1. greenery
  2. texture
  3. metal, in particular galvanized metal

Styling A Blanket Ladder

Favorite Farmhouse Style Throw Blanket

The first item I got for the ladder was the blanket….I had my eye on it for when I found a ladder for the room. I knew I wanted something with a simple pattern that brought some grey into the room.  This throw blanket is under $20 ($16.99 when I ordered) and is available in a number of soft tone shades and patterns. I am very happy with it!

Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Bucket with Greenery

The second item I wanted was a galvanized metal bucket with some greenery.  I picked up this one at Michael’s, but have gotten others at Hobby Lobby and Amazon, too.  With the Spring season just kicking off, I just found some smaller ones at our Dollar Tree store, too.  So be sure to keep your eyes open for deals on them.

Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Bucket with Greenery & Armchair Recliner

Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Bucket with Greenery & Vintage Chippy Dresser

I know some people will be turned off by my partially stripped blue wash stand, but I just love it! To me, it is such a cute accent piece in this room! And, it’s even more special because it was passed down through my family. I love having pieces that I know came from my grandparents!  I chose to add these knobs to add an eclectic touch to the piece, as well as add in some black that is an accent color in the room.

Farmhouse Wreath and Blanket Ladder

The final touch I wanted for my ladder was a wreath.  Hobby Lobby for the win here.  This wreath was the perfect size and style I was looking for.  There are a couple rungs missing from the ladder…which just add to the rustic charm, in my opinion.  So, I hung the wreath from one of the rungs above a missing one to fill that space, not that I am trying to hide the fact it is missing, but it just worked well.  Another thing I use all the time in decorating is WIRED BURLAP RIBBON. I always keep a roll on hand of that and TWINE.  I seem to use twine for everything from in the house to tieing up vegetables in the garden. I even went through a phase of covering everything in twine, anyone else do the craft where you wrap twine around bottles?  Pretty sure my husband was afraid to leave anything laying out during that phase for fear it would be covered with twine when he returned! HA!

Below is another little touch of burlap ribbon I added to a piece in the room.  It just added another layer of texture to the large metal piece that I loved.  And, if you notice…you don’t always need to think bows…keep it simple.  Even when I do bows, I like to keep them simple, too.  Check out my DIY on Making a Perfect Farmhouse Style Bow to see the style of bows I love to add to my decor.

Modern Farmhouse Blanket Ladder Burlap Ribbon

So, just those three pieces on the ladder for now.  I plan to incorporate various seasonal and holiday decor items through the year, but overall, I plan to keep it pretty simple.  If you notice I didn’t put any items on the bottom third or so because I plan to have an armchair in front of that.

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Recliner

Favorite Modern Farmhouse Recliner Armchair

I just received this chair this week and!! Well, everything and more…because it is a recliner, too!! OMG….yes!!! Oh, and that’s not even the best part…..the price….this recliner is around $250 and comes Prime shipping.  It is perfect!!!! I could not be happier!!! Sorry if I seem overly excited, but you know how it is shopping for furniture….sooo expensive. This MODERN FARMHOUSE RECLINER is exactly the style I was searching for, is the perfect color, & was priced so well….I was thrilled!! It is called taupe, but I would describe it as a light grey….beautiful shade! Love the clean lines, the nail head trim, and the feet on the bottom finish the modern farmhouse look of the chair.  Obviously, since I just received it a few days ago, we haven’t gotten to test it out too much yet, but I am really pleased with the feel of the cushions.  They seem nice and firm and it reclines really nicely and is very comfortable both upright and reclined! I really recommend checking this out…it is so exciting to find a piece with this look at this price! I hope you love it as much as we do!I ordered a burlap pillow cover that is on the chair previously on Etsy in a set of mix-matched prints that work great in the room.


Favorite Modern Farmhouse Recliner

fav farmhouse chair recliner

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