Shop Hack – Clamp Organization

So, there are tons of articles and blog posts on how to organize your clamps in your workshop.  I came up with a slightly different...

Favorite Doll for Little Girls

How sweet is this? I bought this little STUFFED BUNNY PLUSH RABBIT DOLL for my baby girl about a year ago and it is definitely a...

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

I’ve recently been rearranging my living room and wanted to share a few things that I’ve done. Our house has a beautiful two-story stone fireplace...

Composting – KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

If you are reading this then you have probably been all over the internet reading about compost….and it can get overwhelming.  The problem is, many...

How to Build a Rustic Farmhouse Style Sign

Rustic Farmhouse signs can add some nice interest to your home and really tie a room together.  Getting creative with different combinations and mixtures of...

Playroom Inspiration

I’ve recently been doing an update in our playroom and I’m so excited with how it is turning out, I want to share some of...
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