How to Make the Perfect Bow- Farmhouse Style

How to Make a Perfect Bow

If you are like me and enjoy simple, classic farmhouse style….you want a very classic bow without extra loops and ‘froofroo’. Also, if you are like me….bow making is intimidating and you might think you always need to either buy bows already made or try to find someone to make them for you.  But, trust me….YOU CAN DO IT!  Follow my simple how-to here and you will be on your way to adding gorgeous touches throughout your home decor for holiday and everyday! Let me know how you make out & be sure to save this for later, too!


How to Make a Bow
How to make a Farmhouse Style Bow for Christmas Decorating

How to Make a Farmhouse Style Bow - DIY


You can find & order the materials listed here in the RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS PAGE.

  • scissors
  • stapler
  • tape measure
      • RED VELVET-I highly recommend this ribbon .  Ribbon is not cheap. I ordered this brick red velvet ribbon on Amazon. It is 50 yards, so it will last for your projects. I have been able to make bows for all my garlands on my banisters, as well as for outdoor holiday decorating. It’s always frustrating when you buy ribbon at a store and you hardly get enough to make one bow! This is also a gorgeous, classic true brick red. So classic & timeless! I’ve been really happy with the quality and the value for the price!wire ribbon-
    • BUFFALO CHECK – Here is the buffalo check ribbon I used. It is 2.5 inches wide and is a 50 yard roll, again which I recommend getting so you can use for a variety of projects. (There is also a 1.5 inch option, too.) I just love this ribbon, it’s such a great way to add touches of buffalo check throughout your home and porch decor!
  • BURLAP- I also love using burlap ribbon . This one is 25 yards and 2 1/2 inches wide.

Check out our RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS PAGE to order these ribbons from Amazon and see some of our favorite decor & DIY items.

Let’s Get Started:

  1. This bow has 2 loops on each side and is made of 4 strips of ribbon.  Start by cutting strips of ribbon in the follow lengths: 6 inches, 24 inches, & two 36 inch strips. (NOTE: If you want 3 loops on each side similar to the buffalo check bow, make one additional strip of ribbon about 20 inches long and that would make the smallest loop for your bow.)

strips of ribbon to make bow

2.  Start with the 6 inch strip of ribbon and fold the edges back to the desired width that you would like the center of your bow to be.  You can fold the edges to meet one another for a narrower center. Or, if you prefer a wider bow center, just fold each side in about a half inch.  Then staple each corner to hold in place.

How to make a bow- the center piece

3.  Next, get your 24 inch strip of ribbon. This will make the smaller loop.  Fold each edge in about a half inch. Then, find the center of the ribbon and fold the two sides in to meet each other.  Overlap the edges up to about 1 inch. (The great thing with this way to make bows is nothing needs to be too technical or exact!)  Staple the ribbon where they overlap.


How to Make a Loop for a Bow

4.  Next, get one of the 36 inch strips of ribbon.  Follow the same steps from step 3 for this strip to make the larger loop for the bow.

5.  The last piece for the bow is the tail. Find the center of the ribbon, pinch it, and staple it.

How to Make a Bow- The Tail

Now, we have all the pieces ready to secure together to create the bow!

How to Make Bow

6.  Lay the smaller loop on top of the larger loop.  Pinch that together with the tail piece underneath it.

How to Make a Bow

7.  Next, we are ready to add the center and secure the bow.  Wrap the 6 inch center piece of ribbon around the bow with your other hand.  Turn the bow over and pinch the 6 inch piece around the bow and staple it.

How to Make a Bow

8.  Finally, fold the ends of the tail in half and cut on a diagonal to create the finished edge on the bottom of each tail.

That is it! Your bow is done!!! 

Buffalo Check Farmhouse Style Bow DIY

Now just form the desired shape of each loop with your hands to round out each loop.  I just love the simplicity of this style of bow.  Classic, elegant, simple, & timeless.  Perfect look with your farmhouse style decor!  I hope you find lots of projects both for holiday decorating and every day decorating to add this style bow to your home decor!

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How to Make a Bow

Final thoughts:

If you find this bow is too big for what you need it for, you can easily reduce the size by taking a couple inches off of the two strips of ribbon that make the loops.

You can see in the red velvet ribbon I made the bow with two loops on each side and the buffalo check ribbon I did three loop on each side.  Sometimes with a thinner, less stiff ribbon, I will add in the third loop for additional volume to help support the bow.  That is something you can play around with as you see how your ribbon is working for you as far as holding its’ shape.  I do recommend and prefer to work with wired ribbon for bow making.

This way of making a bow gives you a super easy way to be able to secure the bow to a railing, wreath, or garland.  All you need to do is slide a piece of twine or wire through the centerpiece of the bow on the back side.

If you didn’t order it yet, I highly recommend the ribbon used to make the bows shown here.  You can order it here: 50 yards of wired red brick ribbon .

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