Save Money w/ Faux Greenery Projects

Save Money w/ Faux Greenery Projects

I love farmhouse style decor and one of my favorite things to decorate with is the combination of galvanized metal buckets, burlap ribbon, & faux greenery.  Recently, I have been trying to add in a number of these pieces to a few rooms in my house to help style the rooms.  I have found some good deals on galvanized metal pieces.  I was even able to find a few cute ones at our local dollar store to help style my MODERN FARMHOUSE LIVING ROOM.

Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Bucket with Greenery & Armchair Recliner

And, since I like to add burlap touches to my decor from time to time, I always like to keep a roll of BURLAP RIBBON on hand.

But, often I feel like when I am shopping for faux greenery…it quickly can get quite expensive, especially when you have a few pieces you want to decorate with your faux greenery.  So, I wanted to let you in on a little secret that I do.

How to Save Money when Buying Faux Greenery

I head to the faux garlands!!  I can get several pieces decorated with one garland.  It is such a great way to save some money on your faux greenery projects! I just simply cut the garland in sections to fill whatever piece I am working with.  This has worked great for me for a number of projects.  I hope this idea comes in handy for you on your next project!  So, check your dollar stores for some galvanized metal pieces, especially in the Spring.  Then, head to the garland area of your local craft store.

How to Save Money when Buying Faux Greenery

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