Pictures Of Common Garden/Lawn Weeds Emerging In Spring

The purpose of this guide is to help you identify common weeds that you may find in your gardens with a particular focus on juvenile or spring emergence of the plant. It is much easier to pull these weeds when they are young or just emerging in Spring, so with my pictures you should be able to ID them and eradicate them before they get large and flower! Use this as a compliment to our guide to native plant seedling/emerging identification guide.

*Note – a few of the plants on this list are native, and therefore not ‘invasive’. However, most people would not plant these in formal flowerbeds, and would likely consider them weeds. Thus, they are included on this list for identification.

Common NameScientific NameJuvenile or Spring EmergenceFully mature plant
Beggars Lice*Hackelia virginiana
Bladder campionSilene latifolia
Callery or Bradford Pear (seedling)Pyrus calleryanainvasive Callery Bradford Pear Tree
Celandine, GreaterChelidonium majus
Celandine, LesserFicaria verna
ChickweedStellaria media
Clover, whiteTrifolium repens
Creeping CharlieGlechoma hederacea
Creeping thistleCirsium arvense
Dames RocketHesperis matronalis
dames rocket invasive Hesperis matronalis
DandelionTaraxacum sp.
Dead Nettle, HenbitLamium amplexicaule
Dead Nettle, PurpleLamium purpureum
Dwarf Plantain, Virginia PlantainPlantago virginica*
Fleabane*Erigeron annuus
Garlic MustardAlliaria petiolata
GroundselSenecio vulgaris
Hairy BittercressCardamine hirsuta
Hemlock, PoisonConium maculatumpoison hemlock conium maculatum 1
Horseweed*Erigeron canadensis
Narrow-leaf BittercressCardamine impatiens
PurslanePortulaca oreracea
SpeedwellVeronica sp.
SpurgeEuphorbia helioscopa
Yellow wood sorrelOxalis dillenii*
Strawberry, MockPotentilla indica
YellowrocketBarbarea vulgaris
White Avens*Geum canadense
Wild ParsnipPastinaca sativa
*Native to North America

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