Toy Storage Idea – lot of small pieces

Toy Storage Solution - Toy w/ lots of small pieces

toy organization bin

We recently bought my son this awesome building set.  All.552.pieces.  I love this STEM TOY, but I wanted to find a way to keep it organized.  I feel that kids can play better when their toys are organized.  I also think it shows them to respect their toys when they are kept well.  My son is 3 and while it is a little above his ability to do independently just yet, we can see this is a toy that will be around for years.  I love toys that inspire creativity and open ended play.  Because I anticipate it being around for some time and I want to encourage it to be as fun as possible to play with, I wanted to find an organized way to store all of the pieces.  I looked for some other types of storage bins that people commonly turn to for storing toys with a lot of little pieces.  Unfortunately, bead storage bins did not work because they were not big enough to hold all of the different pieces and tools.  So, I searched fishing tackle bins, but they also were not big enough.  I also wanted something that would be easy for a youngster to open and close and be all in one layer. Also, some things I tried did not have dividers that filled the whole height inside, so once you pick up the bin, all the pieces would all mix together. Finally, I found a STORAGE CASE that was big enough and had dividers that fill the whole space.  Although it isn’t perfect, as it is possible for some pieces to slide past their divider, it does work quite well and I am pleased.  I really liked how I could totally customize the size of the compartments to hold all of the different types of pieces.  This organizer works great for toy sets that have a LOT of little pieces.  It was more difficult that I expected to find a bin that could hold all 552 pieces! haha!

toy organization bin


toy organization bin

Hope this helps you find a solution if you are are on the search for storage for a similar type of toy.  And, if you are in the market for a STEM TOY, I highly recommend this set. This one is recommended for age 5-9.

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