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Playroom Inspiration Vintage Inspired Play Kitchen

I’ve recently been doing an update in our playroom and I’m so excited with how it is turning out, I want to share some of the things I have done that you may want to try.  I tend to enjoy modern farmhouse style decor.  I like vintage decor and the farmhouse look, but I enjoy an uncluttered and simple approach to a room.  When updating our playroom, I wanted the style of the rest of the house to flow into this room. (I also hoped the toys would not flow out of this room, but alas a mom can dream, right?!)  I also desire to keep things mobile, so the room can easily grow and change with our children.


Playroom Inspiration Vintage Farmhouse Style


Farmhouse Style Poster Frame DIY
Farmhouse Style Poster Frame DIY

We were blessed to be able to received this wonderful hand-me-down play kitchen.  The stove was the play kitchen my sister and I had when we were little.  When she had children, her husband made the beautiful sink and refrigerator to go with it and complete the gorgeous set. Her kids played with it for years and when they outgrew it this year, I was so excited for it to get passed to my kids.  Besides the great style this gives to the room, one of the wonderful things about a set like this is that it can hold a lot of toys and it is very easy for the kids to clean up and put everything away.  When buying storage pieces for kids items, I always make sure to consider…”Is this something the kids can use on their own?”  You want them to be able to clean up after themselves, so having toy storage that they can open and close, etc. is important to think about before you buy.


Playroom Inspiration Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Grey

Once we got the play kitchen passed down to us, I was excited to get working on the room.  The first thing I did was to pick the paint color.  I knew I wanted to go in the grey direction, but that I wanted something really light.  I also wanted to make sure it flowed nicely from the color we just painted our kitchen.  We just did an update to our kitchen to create an updated farmhouse style kitchen.  We have oak cabinets and did not want to paint them, so be sure to check out how we transformed our kitchen without painting our oak cabinets.  I chose Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Grey.  It is a great choice that is very universal.  It is a light shade and it is not too greige to lose its’ grey quality.


How to Make a Farmhouse Style Vintage Poster Frame

I wanted to find some vintage wall decor for our playroom, but I did not want to spend much money at all.  So, I started searching online and found these perfect Vintage Inspired Alphabet & Number Poster digital files.  This is a great option to get posters for a room and save money.  All you do is pay a few dollars for the digital file and then you can print it anytime you want.  I then was trying to think of how to frame them for the room. Again, I knew I did not want to spend much money, but I did want something that gave that vintage feel for the room.  I made these vintage inspired poster frames and am really happy with how they turned out and they were very inexpensive, too!  Be sure to check out my Farmhouse Style Poster Frame – Easy DIY to learn how to make them yourself.

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Playroom Inspiration Hat Dress Up Area

This little corner could not be any simpler, but it is working so well for the kids.  We needed a spot where our toddlers could keep their dress up hats.  But, I wanted to make sure that they worked easily for the kids to actually be able to hang them and get them off the hooks themselves.  I am a big fan of the Command Hooks in a playroom because it allows you to adjust things in the room easily as the kids grow and change in the way they play without having lots of holes in your wall.  Please note though that many of the hooks do not work well for hanging hats on them, so after checking several that did not work to hold the hats, I found ones that work great. I recommend using these Command Wire Hooks to hang your hats on.

Command Hooks for Hanging Hats in Playroom


Playroom Inspiration artwork display

Kids are always creating new artwork and you may not want your refrigerator plastered with it all.  Having a designated area in the playroom that you can easily change out is perfect.  Again, I used these Command Hooks for this project.  These particular ones worked great on most of the playroom projects, but they do not hold hats well, so be sure to get the Command Wire Hooks for hanging hats.  I love my twine, always finding uses for it, and for this project I just added some small clothespins to make a great little art wall for my budding artists.  You can get this great Set of Twine & 100 Small Clothespins that will be perfect for creating your own art wall.


One of the things still on my playroom wishlist is a great toy storage bin.  I love this Book Case Toy Storage Unit.  If you are looking for something smaller or narrowed, I really like this 3 Tiered Toy Shelf, too.  Both are simple in design and are great for easy clean up that kids can do on their own for miscellaneous toys.


Playroom Inspiration Vintage Farmhouse Style

Thanks for reading, I hope you get some ideas to make your kids playroom beautiful & useful! Here are some other ideas to be sure to check out:





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