Oops….Gardening Blooper Reel

gardening mistakes

Well, this is embarrassing….but, I’m human & hoping I’m not alone in making ‘silly’ mistakes like this one! I know better, but it happened…..and it is soooo frustrating!! All those happy little seedlings, gone just like that.  So, we had started a seed tray of veggies…everything from tomatillos to habeneroes to spaghetti squash to peas & more. Everything was doing great.  We had been putting the tray out daily during the day and bringing it in at night.  And here goes my mistake….I accidently left the lid on the tray on a day that got fairly warm.  NOOO!!! Nothing you can do at that point, but start again.  I blame my negligence on mom brain & being too occupied with two toddlers during the day, it never dawned on me to go back and check on the tray as the sun came out that day. I was so disappointed…of course you can start again…but, it’s so fun seeing the seeds sprout and continue to grow and get stronger, that I was so bummed that I did this!!

Well, I hope you haven’t had this happen to you this Spring, but chances are you may have had a few of your own gardening oopsies along the way….so, LET’S HEAR THEM!!

SHARE YOUR GARDENING BLOOPERS IN THE COMMENTS…..let’s start a fun discussion sharing some of the bloopers & blunders we’ve had as we’ve gotten our hands dirty doing what we love!  It’s always fun knowing we aren’t the only one…. 🙂

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Gardening Blooper Reel - Share & Read Gardening Mistake


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