Hearth & Hand Sign Hack

Hearth & Hand Powder Room Sign Hack

I recently picked this Hearth & Hand Powder Room sign up from a friend on Marketplace. I thought it was cute, but I personally did not care for it as-is.

I initially wanted to remove the brass metal strip going through it. I didn’t care for the way it looked. The sign also just didn’t look finished to me. Once I realized that removing the brass metal strip would not likely work well or be easy to do, I decided to let that alone. I thought the sign would look cool attached to a rustic wood board, so I sat out to find a great board.

Prepping the Board

  • Where does one go to find a cool vintage board?? Me…I always start with my Dad’s shed. It always seems I can find exactly what I’m looking for from him. Isn’t that true of Dad’s, they just have what you need when you need it, don’t they?!
  • I had measured above the powder room door, as well as between a light and a coat rack in the powder room to get an idea of what width I was looking for. I was not yet sure where I would want to hang the sign when completed. I found a board that I thought would work perfectly…not too wide and a perfect ‘chippy’ white paint on it.
My ‘chippy’ old board.
  • The board was a great width for what I was looking for, but it was too long. So, I used our Japanese Pull Saw (Amazon Link) to cut it down to the length I needed.
  • It was super easy to do, and likely would have been even easier had I used the cross cut blade and not the rip blade, opps!! So, check out my pics and don’t do as I did. I’m going to blame the naptime hustle….sometimes you just want to get a project done in those few precious moments in the afternoon that you have a little quiet time that you don’t pay as much attention as you should. Or is it just me??
opps, using the wrong blade of the saw…

  • Fortunately, although it was a bit harder to cut, it still worked fine and the cut edge looks good.

Attaching the “Powder Room” Sign to the Board

  • Next, I attached the sign to the board using 2 brass flathead screws that blended in with the brass metal in the sign.

Attaching Picture Hangers to the Back of Sign

  • I used 2 D-ring picture hangers on the back on the sign to make it easy to hang. I love these hangers. They are heavy duty, easy to attach to the back of a picture or sign, and give a nice, finished look to a project.
Attaching D-Ring picture hanger

Hanging the “Powder Room” Hearth & Hand Sign

  • To hang the sign, I measured how far apart the 2 D-ring hangers are and then marked the wall lightly with pencil to show where the hangers should be in the wall.
  • I used my favorite Picture Hanging Super Hooks from Amazon. If you have not tried these yet, I really recommend picking up a pack. You simply push them through the drywall. That’s right, you don’t even need a hammer! Also, they only leave a tiny hole in the wall. No damage from a bigger hanger or from making marks when using a hammer.
Push the super hook through the drywall.
This is what the Super Hook looks like when installed in the wall.
  • Finally, hang the sign on the superhooks.

Which spot do you like the sign in best? I initially was planning to use the sign above the door outside the powder room, but then I thought it was so cute about the farmhouse coat rack (Check out my post on how I made the vintage coat rack.)



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Such a simple project to add a big style impact in a room! So easy to do yourself & save money compared to buying one in a store. And, it likely won’t have the vintage appeal of one you do yourself.


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