DIY Farmhouse Coat Rack

farmhouse coat rack diy

I have been working on updating our powder room.  The projects have been getting done slowly in this room…to say the least.  The to-do list is long….and in summer, most of our time is focused on outdoor projects in our native plant gardens.  Previously, we painted the room Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Grey.  This is the second room in our home that I painted this color. I also did our playroom this color.

vintage inspired playroom and kitchen sw agreeable grey

I just love it! It is light and airy…and is a perfect neutral, in my opinion.  It is not a cool grey, so it doesn’t tend to show any blue and it’s not too greige that it reads tan.  Definitely check it out if you are looking for a grey.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey
Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Grey

We also did a super easy DIY to Frame Our Bathroom Mirror. We used no glue, nails, or screws for this project! Be sure to check it out!

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I knew I wanted a farmhouse style coat rack in our powder room, but I had not taken the time to get working on it.  I already had the FARMHOUSE STYLE HOOKS, so I just needed to get the board to make it.  I used one of the hooks in the pack of 10 to make a hook for a hand towel in the powder room.  And, I have plans for the others….another project on that to-do list I mentioned above, haha!

I lucked out finding a board that was exactly what I was hoping to find in my Dad’s shed! I shouldn’t be surprised though, right?!  Ask your Dad for something and ten of them usually show up within 24 hours.  Dads are the best! The board is pretty rustic and ‘chippy’, but I really didn’t want to change anything about it at all.  So, all I did was wipe it down with a damp rag to get started.

farmhouse vintage coat rack diy

Testing for lead paint

Next, I wanted to check the paint for lead, so I used 3M LEAD CHECK SWABS.  They are very easy and fast to use.  Basically, you pop the two ends of the swab to allow the testing mixture to activate and then swab it onto the painted surface.  The liquid will turn pink if it detects lead. Fortunately, this board did not test positive for lead paint.

testing painted wood for lead farmhouse coat rack diy

testing painted wood for lead farmhouse coat rack diy

testing painted wood for lead farmhouse coat rack diy

testing painted wood for lead farmhouse coat rack diy

testing painted wood for lead farmhouse coat rack diy

Sealing the board

I liked the board as-is and wanted to preserve its’ look as much as possible, but I did want to seal it with a topcoat.  I used Minwax Polycrylic Clear Matte and applied it with a foam brush.  I always keep a supply of foam brushes in assorted sizes on hand. I find I use them for so many projects and love being able to grab one when I need.  I applied three thin coats to the board, following drying guidelines before applying the next coat.

polycrylic to seal vintage board for farmhouse coat rack

Attaching the hardware

Once the third coat was dry, I started laying out the FARMHOUSE HOOKS.  Fortunately the board was made of a softer wood, so I was able to secure the hooks easily with just a screwdriver and didn’t need to use a drill.

polycrylic to seal vintage board for farmhouse coat rack

As I was measuring where to place the hooks, I used a pencil to lightly make marks in the hole centers.

farmhouse coat rack diy

Hanging the Coat Rack

We hung a d-ring on the back of the coat rack and then I used my favorite hangers ever!! You do not need any tools to put these in the wall…the best & they hold up to 35 pounds.  These SUPER HOOKS are definitely something you want to keep a pack of on hand at home!  All you do is push it through the drywall making sure you are in a spot where there is no stud.  As it goes through the drywall, the hook part will curve upward on the inside of the wall to hug against the drywall. and the small hook part is what sticks out on the wall.

best picture hangers no tools needed

d ring picture hanger diy coat rack

best picture hangers super hangers diy coat rack

And, that’s all there was to this easy and fun project.  I just love it!! I still can’t get over that I casually mentioned to my Dad I was looking for a board like this and he had exactly what I was imagining!


diy farmhouse coat rack

farmhouse diy coat rack

farmhouse diy coat rack

farmhouse diy coat rack

farmhouse diy coat rack

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