Mrs. Meyer's 5 Piece Gift Set Code

I love the classic look of Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products in my kitchen, they are the perfect match with a farmhouse style.  They also have so many interesting scents to try.  I have to admit, I have stuck with the classics, myself– lemon verbena and lavender for everyday.  And, I love the peppermint over the Christmas season.  The scent and the pretty red labels are a fun addition to the kitchen. Be sure to leave me a comment to tell me which scents you try!! I need to branch out and try some fun ones!

Another favorite piece of mine is the stoneware dish to hold the soap bottles.  It is the perfect size. I had been trying to find something similar and when I saw Grove Collaborative has this one that was designed to hold the Mrs. Meyer’s soaps perfectly I had to have it! I love it and definitely recommend picking it up with your order.

I have a code to get you a 5 PIECE GIFT SET from Grove Collaborative with your 1st order.  You can order anything you like from their website.  When you use the code, it will put sample products in your shopping cart, but you do not have to pick those items. You can clear that out and pick whatever you like. To get the gift set, just make sure your order is at least $20.  It will enroll you in the VIP program, but you can choose to cancel that right after you place your initial order, if you decide that it is not for you.  They also make it very easy to change and delay your shipment date, too, if you think you would like to order again, but would like to put it off until a later time.  Just keep in mind if you do nothing, you eventually will be sent another order and charged.  I don’t want anyone to get a surprise bill, so want to make sure you know to either cancel your membership right away, delay the shipment, or put an alert reminder in your phone so you know to go back to it later and make a decision.

Oh…and a little secret on the picture above….the little galvanized metal bucket….it’s from a dollar store….yay!!! Keep your eyes out for fun Spring decor like that at all the dollar stores and read my little tip on How to Save Money Buying Faux Greenery.

Some of my favorite products I have tried are:

  • hand soaps and lotions
  • dish soap

Mrs. Meyer's 5 Piece Gift Set Code

  • stoneware dish
  • Room Spray

Mrs. Meyer's 5 Piece Gift Set Code`

  • Cleaning Spray

Mrs. Meyer's 5 Piece Gift Set Code

  • sponges

Mrs. Meyer's 5 Piece Gift Set Code

  • Wood Floor Cleaning Spray

Mrs. Meyer's 5 Piece Gift Set Code

Be sure to use my code to be able to get your GIFT SET.  You will get the gift set and I’ll get a little bonus too for my next order. Thank you for shopping through my website!

I think you may also enjoy checking out our kitchen update, too. We had a fun project updating our kitchen without painting over our oak cabinets.  I wanted to go for a farmhouse style feel, but with a simple, uncluttered look.  Let me know what you think! Hope it gives you some ideas!

How to Update a Kitchen Without Painting Oak Cabinets

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Mrs. Meyer's 5 Piece Gift Set Code

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