A Healthier Beef Stick Preserved by Fermentation Sourced from Audubon Conservation Certified Ranches

Like most families with children, we often are on the go and will rely on snacks to tide the kids over until dinner. But most snacky foods are just over-processed carbohydrates, and I wanted something better than the more common protein snacks, which are often spicy-sticks with mystery meat.

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While searching to find a healthy protein-based snack for my family I was fortunate to find Blue Nest Beef (affiliate link), which produces 100% grass fed beef sticks that are preserved via fermentation, which can benefit our microbiome as well as being minimally processed. What is even better is that Blue Nest Beef sources all of its grass-fed beef from Audubon Conservation Certified Ranches. So not only is it healthier and less processed, but the ranches are recognized by the Audubon Society as providing habitat for the birds – win-win!

I had been looking for a beef stick option that was preserved by fermentation & was thrilled to find a company that also invested in improving our grasslands. Joe & I love to share education on the value of using native plants to support our environment, so I was very happy to find Blue Nest Beef (affiliate link).

It almost seems too good to be true. Blue Nest Beef makes a healthy, 100% grass fed beef stick preserved by fermentation rather than chemicals, and their ranches provide habitat for birds. The beef sticks taste great and my kids love them. I use them in lunchboxes for them. And, I find myself grabbing them for that mid-day snack while running errands. We’ve also found them useful for our cross-country adventures to visit relatives on the road.

I reached out to Blue Nest Beef to request to be an affiliate for them because I loved the combination of the quality ingredients in their products, as well as their commitment to improving our grasslands.

When you purchase through our link, we may earn a small commission at no cost to you. This lets them know you found their product from us. If you choose to order Blue Nest Beef products, we thank you for clicking through our links!

What is Audubon Conservation Ranching?

According to the Audubon Society, there are 4 areas that a ranch must meat standards in to become an Audubon Conservation Certified Ranch. Any regular visitor to Growit Buildit knows that these values align perfectly with our own views and goals. Their areas are:

  • habitat management for birds
  • livestock must free graze on open grassland with no antibiotics, no animal-byproducts, & minimal grain supplementation
  • must demonstrate best practices for animal health & welfare
  • use native grasses for forage, neonicotinoid pesticides are prohibited and others are restricted, & waterways are protected

Why Choose Blue Nest Beef?

When searching for a beef stick option for my family, I was looking for a healthier option and discovered beef sticks preserved by fermentation. Continuing to search for a company, I was able to find Blue Nest Beef (affiliate link), which produces a great fermented beef stick and also is committed to ranching methods that improve our grassland habitats.

  • Audubon Certified
  • no hormones
  • no antibiotics
  • 100% grassfed- never fed any grain, continuous access to pasture
  • American beef

Why Choose Fermented Beef Sticks From Blue Nest Beef?

Bobolinks from Blue Nest Beef (affiliate link)

Beef sticks are an easy on-the-go snack option, but often have added chemical ingredients we want to avoid, especially when we are trying to add in a healthy snack option. Also, Blue Nest Beef Bobolinks (affiliate link) have less salt than many well known brands.

  • Audubon Conservation Certified Beef
  • 100% grassfed beef
  • no grains, no hormones, no dyes, no antibiotics
  • preserved naturally by fermentation
  • gluten-free
  • soy-free
  • no liquid smoke
  • no corn syrup
  • casein-free
  • dye-free collagen casing
  • American beef

What Else Does Blue Nest Beef Offer?

  • 85% lean ground beef
  • various cuts of steak
  • chicken
  • gift cards
  • various options of combination boxes to choose from
  • monthly subscription option for beef sticks

I hope you enjoy trying their products and supporting their commitment to improving our grasslands as much as I have!


USE CODE: ‘growitbuildit’ to get $10 OFF your 1st 8-pack of Bobolinks Beef Sticks on your first order. Limit 1 use per customer.

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