How Many Vegetables Do You Need for Canning?

Interested in getting started in canning? Not sure how large of a garden to make? Well, if you have an idea how many cans of tomatoes you want to have in a year, we’ve got the amounts you need!

I’ve researched the National Center for Home Food Preservation to generate a quick reference table on pounds of food per quart of canned vegetables. Working through the University of Georgia, they developed average canning yields of over 20 vegetable products that you can preserve at home via canning!

Smoking peppers is another method of preservation

The table data is presented in both English and Metric Unit, in terms of mass of vegetables required per volume of canned vegetable. This is more convenient than the actual NCHFP data, as they provide their information in pounds vegetable per 7 quarts or 9 pints canned.

Vegetable Canning Yield Table

VegetableLb per Quart Jarkg per LiterLb/ bushelCanned Quarts per bushelLbs for 7 quartsLbs for 9 pints
Asparagus, Spears or Pieces3.51.5317-1224.516
Beans, Peas (shelled/dry)0.750.3N/AN/A53.25
Dry beans w/ tomato or molasses sauce0.750.3N/AN/A53.25
Snap & Italian Beans41.73112-20149
Beans, Lima20.9326-102818
Corn – Whole Kernel4.51.9356-1131.520
Shelled Peas, Green or English4.51.9305-1031.520
Potatoes, Sweet2.51.15017-2517.511
Potatoes, White2.751.25018-222013
Pumpkins and Squash2.251.0N/AN/A1610
Tomato Juice3.251.45315-182314
Tomatoes, Crushed2.751.25317-202214
Tomato Sauce52.15310-123521
Tomato Sauce, (thick)6.52.8537-94628
Tomato, Whole or Halved31.35315-212113


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