Cost to Rent a Rototiller

Rototillers can be a useful tool for preparing a garden bed. Whether turning organic matter and compost into the soil or helping in removing grass, these machines can save you from back pain! They can easily be rented for less than outright purchasing.

The average cost to rent a tiller or rototiller for a day is approximately $77, with size being the largest factor. The cost ranges between $36-$150 dollars per day based on the size. This is based on a price survey of nine different companies servicing large portions of the United States. The cost to rent a rototiller is cheaper than renting a sod cutter.

Small tillers, 1-5 hp typically rent for $40-$60 dollars per day. While large, heavy duty and hydraulic tillers typically rent for $100 or more per day.

A heavy duty rototiller….

Just how much does it cost to rent a rototiller?

We conducted a survey of national and regional companies that service the United States and parts of Canada. The cost data is compiled below;

Rototiller Rental CostsCost
*Based on 9 companies and approximately 40 different rototillers

What companies had the best selection of rototillers to rent?

Sunbelt Rentals and Home Depot both had the largest variety of rototillers available for rent. This included everything from the small light-duty tillers 9″ wide, up to 20″ wide. So, there is something for just about every homeowner whether it is a small veggie garden to a large garden.

Home Depot generally has around 6 different tillers available. The sizes ranged from 1.5-13 hp, and could till upwards of 1500 square feet in a day with ease.

Sunbelt Rentals has 6 models available. The size ranges from 9″-20″, 1.5 hp-13hp. And the weight of the tillers ranges from a light weight 29 lbs to upwards of 500 lb! So, whether you are a suburban home owner or homesteading, Sunbelt Rentals has a tiller that will likely meet your needs.

Should you use a tiller to build a garden?

A rototiller can be an effective tool for breaking up compacted soil and turning over grass. But, there are other methods that may be better for the overall soil health. I strongly suggest you check out our article on 5-ways to remove grass. We detail 5 common methods of removing grass weighing the pros and cons of each. And, we’ve done them all multiple times here! So, our guide could really help you make a decision as to the best way to build your garden, flower bed, or landscaping project.

Should you rent or buy a rototiller?

Rototillers have come down in price substantially over the years. So, deciding whether you should rent or buy one is a tougher question to answer. But, some questions you should ask yourself should include the following:

How often will you use your rototiller?

If you are like most gardeners, you may only need to till your garden once per year. If that is the case, perhaps you rent a tiller the first year to construct your garden. Then, purchase a smaller electric rototiller that does not require as much maintenance. Amazingly, small electric rototillers can be purchased for around $100 from amazon.

Where will you store the rototiller?

Many rototillers have collapsable handles making them more convenient and compact for storage. But, they still require some space. Rototillers should be stored indoors to reduce corrosion, uv damage, and potential rodent damage to wiring.

Who will maintain your rototiller?

If your rototiller has a gasoline engine, it will require general engine maintenance. This would include running the gas out in the fall. Also an annual oil change, as well as belt maintenance, etc.

The data contained in this article came from a August 2020 survey/research of rototiller costs. This included 9 different companies and approximately 40 different rototillers. It took me longer than I had envisioned….

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