Gut Gummies – Beginner’s Guide

Gut Gummies

What Are Gut Gummies?

Gut gummies is a cute name for homemade gelatin/ fruit juice snack. Made from powdered gelatin and simple fruit juice (to give it some nice flavoring), It is easy to digest, not requiring much energy and can help stabilize stomach acid levels. Bovine gelatin is derived from the skin of a cow, and is rich in collagen, protein, and amino acids.

As we age our bodies change. Most of these changes are unwelcome, from having joint pain to dry skin, or perhaps even digestion issues or IBS. And while there is no shortage of pharmaceuticals that offer to treat all your ailments (often advertised on TV no less), natural dietary changes can often improve your symptoms. One natural snack that we can use to supplement our diets is consuming more bone broth, gelatin, or other collagen rich foods. That is where gut gummies come in.

I’ve been making gut gummies for my family for some time now. Both my husband and I like the taste. With only two ingredients we like the fact that we aren’t getting any ‘surprise’ preservatives. What really sets it apart though is that unlike most snacks, this one is healthy and can help reduce joint pain in the process. All that composting and gardening can actually lead to a sore back from time to time!

Gut gummies are a homemade gelatin snack. They are made with Bovine gelatin and fruit juice. Bovine gelatin comes from the skin of a cow. It is a source of protein and is rich in a variety of amino acids. Bovine gelatin is a source of collagen.

Why should you should make gut gummies?

If you are interested in healing and taking care of your gut health, you may want to consider adding gut gummies to your diet. Eating a piece or two on an empty stomach is said to help your gut for the day. Bovine gelatin contains important amino acids, protein, and collagen. Collagen is said to be good for our skin, hair, nails, and joints.

Benefits of natural gelatin for your health

Full of nutrients

Bovine gelatin is nutrient dense with loads of amino acids, protein, and collagen. [1][2] And, this is the primary ingredient in our gut gummies. This is a far better way to get some protein and nutrients than some preservative filled protein bar.

Improve digestive health

Gelatin has been found to promote the flow of gastric juices while normalizing stomach-acid levels. And it will improve digestion absorption for those with sensitive diets. [3]

Easy to digest

Gelatin does not require much effort to digest. It’s base materials are hydrophilic, meaning they will attract digestive liquids, making them easier for digestion. [4]

Reduce joint pain

Eating natural gelatin is an excellent way to eat collagen. And, research has found significant evidence that collagen reduces joint pain. A study found that taking 10g of collagen per day reduced the incidence rate of knee pain, joint pain when walking, at rest, and other situations. [5]

Improve skin

As we age, our skin changes in how it uses and arranges collagen. This can often lead to dry skin and a reduction in skin elasticity. Research has found that supplemental collagen can improve the elasticity of our skin, as well as the moisture levels. [6]

Why I should not eat gut gummies?

There appears to be a lack of scientific studies that can prove the benefits of taking gelatin or collagen. I have followed a gastroenterologist on Instagram for years named ‘Theguthealthmd’. I have read a book of his and value his information. He has become a vegan through his study of food and gut health. He has said that the collagen supplement industry is becoming a multi billion dollar industry, so one would think there certainly would be plenty of scientific evidence showing its’ benefits. I encourage you to do your own investigating to decide if these types of supplements are something you want to spend money on.

Ingredients for Gut Gummies

How To Make Gut Gummies

Beef Gelatin
  1. Add 1/3 cup bovine gelatin to a bowl.
1/3 cup bovine gelatin

2. Add 1 cup juice to bowl and stir. Allow the mixture to sit and ‘bloom’ for a few minutes.

1 cup fruit juice

3. Place 3 cups fruit juice in a sauce pan and heat, but not to point of boiling.

4. Break up the bloomed gelatin into chunks and carefully add to the heated juice on stove. Take care to not splash yourself with the hot juice.

Bloomed gelatin

5. Stir to dissolve the mixture, then pour it into a glass baking dish.

Pour into glass baking dish

6. Allow to cool, then refrigerate for a few hours.


7. Cut into pieces and store in the refrigerator.

gut gummies
gut gummies

Hope you enjoy adding this nutritious snack to your diet, if you so choose.

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