The Best STEM Building Toy For Kids – Tubelox

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Tubelox is a fantastic STEM toy. Help kids create in 3 dimensions, follow directions for builds, & use their creativity to design their own. And, best of all….they can then play on their creations!!

Having soooo much fun!!! Build & play!!


This past year I stumbled across a toy I had not seen before when I was looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for our 3 and 5 year old. It is called Tubelox. We were very quickly really impressed with the whole concept of the toy, we could not figure out why everyone does not have Tubelox.

After having the toy for a few months and continuing to feel that Tubelox was one of the best toys we have seen for kids, I contacted Tubelox to let them know I really wanted to share Tubelox with our blog readers. They were kind enough to give me a COUPON CODE FOR 10% OFF for my readers for a limited time.

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What is Tubelox?

Tubelox is an awesome building toy that consists of plastic tube pieces, connectors, wheels, and pins to secure your builds. Think of it as an erector set to build life sized builds. Pretty much every kids dream!!

Your Tubelox set will come with a guide that shows you how to build many different creations from slides, to jungle gyms, to cars, boats, tables & chairs, a playhouse, ballet bar, & much more.

The beauty of Tubelox is that that is just the beginning. You kids will design their own creations, too!

A deluxe set comes with 220 pieces for you to create with.

Build your own jungle gym & play on it!! It’s the coolest!!!

*** Please note this toy sells out frequently, so my suggestion is to order immediately when it is in stock. Even if you are not planning to give it until a holiday months away, get it while it is in stock rather than risking it not arriving in time for when you want to give it. ***

*** Also, Tubelox does not do a lot of sales and discounts, at least not that I have seen, since they are in high demand, so be sure to take advantage of the generous discount code here. ***

What I Love About Tubelox Building Toy


Tubelox is fantastic for OPEN-ENDED PLAY.

I was a special education teacher for many years before becoming a stay-at-home mom, so quality education toys are definitely important to me. There is nothing worse than those toys that get opened, played with once, and then just become the dreaded ‘toy clutter’. Tubelox gets played with over and over again with endless possibilities!

I believe they were on a ship out at sea!! Love it!!

Tubelox is great to learn to FOLLOW DIRECTIONS to build structures.

My 5 year old can follow the directions in the booklet that comes with Tubelox to assemble the structures they share how to make. He can count out the items, gather them, and figure out how to create what he wants using the guide. He still needs an adult to work with him as some are a little hard for him yet, so assembling larger projects is a good activity to do together with him.

Using the guide that comes with Tubelox to assemble the large slide.

Tubelox fosters CREATIVE PLAY.

Not only will the kids build and create their own structures to play in and on using the guide that comes with Tubelox, but they will be used in many other creative ways. Here my son created an ocean and waterfalls using blankets as the water on a jungle gym we made with our Tubelox. Over the course of several days, he had so much fun drawing and cutting out probably over 30 different types of fish and other ocean creatures that he played with in his ocean. This was not an expected use of our Tubelox, but definitely a much loved one. Foster than creativity! One day my son made himself a microphone on a stand to tell jokes he make up and my 3 year old made an umbrella. Another day my son made a shield like a superhero. Let the creativity flow beyond just making the suggested items in the booklet that comes with your Tubelox. It is fantastic!

Tubelox improves both GROSS & FINE MOTOR SKILLS.

I have seen my son get stronger quickly with his hand strength and his gross motor strength when working on assembling his Tubelox structures. What was difficult for him when we first started working with him became much more manageable after using them a few times. It is too difficult for my 3 year old to create large structures, but she has made her own small toys that she plays with.

Great fine motor work…installing the pins upon completion of a slide to secure it together.

Tubelox appeals to a WIDE RANGE OF AGE LEVELS.

My kids are ages 3 and 5 when we got our Tubelox, but I anticipate this being a toy that sticks around for quite a few years. Younger kids will enjoy playing on the structures made for them and that they help to make as they get older. Many kids over the age of 5 would be able to make most things independently, I believe.

Enjoying riding the scooter around the house!!

Tubelox can be used for inside or outdoor play.

Tubelox works as an inside or outside play activity. Some of the ride on toys would be fun to do outside. Build the slide outside and kids can enjoy playing on their slide in the yard.

Tubelox supports kids need to move.

Kids need to move, climb, go upside down, etc. It can be difficult to foster those needs during inside playtime. Tubelox can be a huge benefit to support kids being able to do these things.

What Set of Tubelox Should I Buy?

Currently, you can buy a deluxe set of Tubelox, which is 220 pieces. You can also buy bundles of 2 or 3 sets and get a discount on them by buying multiple sets. We bought 2 sets, which gives you a lot of opportunity for creating! BE SURE TO USE MY COUPON CODE: GROWITBUILDIT to get 10% OFF your order through March 2021 on the TUBELOX site.


Head to the TUBELOX website to shop and order your sets. In addition to the sets, there are also additional supplemental packages you can check out like lights, canvas kits, and storage bags. Be sure to use my COUPON CODE: GROWITBUILDIT before the end of March 2021 to get 10% OFF YOUR ORDER.


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