Category: Native Plants

How To Make a Micro-Prairie

Want to create a beautiful mini-wildlife sanctuary that is beautiful year-round? Maybe provide some valuable food for pollinators and save the bees? How about making...

How to Grow and Care for Mexican Hat Coneflower

Mexican Hat Coneflower Facts Mexican Hat (also known as upright prairie coneflower, long-headed coneflower, and several other names) is an interesting native perennial that has...

How to Grow Blue Vervain Verbena Hastata

Blue Vervain Facts Blue Vervain, or Verbena Hastata is a tall perennial herb with spiked purple flowers.  This native plant typically grows about 4’ tall,...

How to Grow Blue Lobelia

Simple steps to successfully growing the Great Blue Lobelia This list is the key requirements to growing the Great Blue Lobelia successfully; Full sun to...

How to Save and Store Flower Seeds

Save Flower Seeds To Save Money While Expanding Your Garden! Saving flower seeds to propagate new plants in your garden is a fun fall activity. ...

How To Grow Cardinal Flower

How to Grow Cardinal Flower – General Description and Facts The Cardinal Flower (Lobelia cardinalis) is a perennial flower native to most of North America.  It...
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