Tara Foster

A little end of season color in our micro prairie.

Hi. A little about me. Born, raised, and still live in the Northeast. I love the area…something about being able to experience all four seasons is good for my soul.

I have always had a healthy love for HGTV and following their great before and afters of projects, as so many of us do.

But, it was not until Joe & I bought our house that I took on some larger DIYs and remodeling projects myself. Nothing like having two little ones under two, buying a house, and then deciding to leave your teaching career to be a stay at home mom to help foster a true appreciation for remodeling on a budget!

It’s funny to look back at a project from just a couple years ago when our youngest was just born…my in-laws arrived from the Midwest for a visit and to help me with the kids while Joe had to travel for his job. My in-laws are always up to help with projects, so on a whim I said I’d like to paint a huge piece of furniture that was in our family room kindly left from our previous owners. It is a lovely piece of furniture, but the floral painting on it left me unable to ever get inspired for a cohesive style in the room. You will have to check out that before and after. I love it!

Our kitchen remodel was the biggest interior project we have done to our house thus far. I love the modern farmhouse look and worked to figure out how to create that while keeping my oak cabinets. I am so happy with how that turned out and hope you are able to get some helpful ideas for projects of your own.

In addition to DIY projects, I am also very interested in gut health. I became interested in this during my pregnancies and when my babies were little. I hope to inspire you to make some sauerkraut and broccoli sprouts and not be intimidated to give it a try.

I hope you find some good tips to help you with some remodeling projects of your own and some useful ideas for diy decor and craft projects.