Echinacea Purpurea

Grow and Care, Facts, Seed Starting Information

Also known as  Purple Coneflower

 - Grows best in Full Sun (6 hrs)  - Will grow in partial shade too  - Needs Well-Drained Soil

 - Will grow to a height of 4' tall  - Plants should be spaced 2-4'

- Hybrids and cultivars are available

Different Colors are available..... Red, White, Orange These are also not ideal for attracting pollinators

Echinacea is great for attarcting all kinds of pollinators

- All kinds of Bees - Many Butterflies

Bees Can't Get Enough of This Flower

Butterflies Love it too!

They Really Love It!

Echinacea Purpurea can be grown in pots, as it has a fibrous root

The size of the pot will dictate the size of the plant

Echinacea is very easy to start from seed

Young Seedlings grow Quickly, and can be transplanted within a month or two

Protect the young seedlings, and young plants from Rabbits/Deer

Divide plants every 4-5 years in early Spring