Retractable Patio Shade Sail System Ebook




Hi – This is our ‘ebook’, aka what we did at our home to give shade to our patio.  Our system is fully retractable, and easy to construct with common tools found at many homes.  Our total amount of money spent (not including paint/wood sealer) was just under $300.  You will be purchasing a detailed ebook on what we did, what materials we used (and approximate costs, with links to some of the products).  This is 15 pages long with detailed explanations, and also includes some additional things we did recently to help extend the life of the barrels/post further (liner and pavers).

You can have our ebook for $5

Although we have ads on our page, it still doesn’t cover the cost of running/maintaining this website.  So, if you have enjoyed our content thus far, and want to help us out while getting something in return – please consider purchasing this ebook.  You might learn something!  Or get some good ideas for your own home.


Warning/Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions

Warning – This document is what we did at our house.  Each house is different, and may require modifications.  Use this as reference, and at your own risk. This is not considered instructions for your home.

We’ve found our system to withstand breezy days, but we never set it up, or leave it up when we feel  there is potential for high wind or gusts. Our sails/posts have never fallen over or broken free, but it is possible.  If you decide to build a shade sail system, never leave your system unattended, or up over night when you sleep, or when nobody is around.   We take no responsibility or liability damages/injury for what can occur at your home. This document is to be used for reference only.

We considered how our system would work – we will have large ‘sails’ shading an area.  At least half of the anchor points are fixed to permanent structures (our house). However, the anchor points that extend to our yard are not.  So, if a strong wind comes up and blows perpendicular to the sail, the tendency would be for the whiskey barrel/post holders to tip over. Now, we don’t use our system on windy days, we never leave it unattended, and we never leave it up overnight when nobody is around.  We made our system to shade our patio on sunny, calm days.