Save Money w/ Faux Greenery Projects

I love farmhouse style decor and one of my favorite things to decorate with is the combination of galvanized metal buckets, burlap ribbon, & faux...

Toy Storage Idea – lot of small pieces

We recently bought my son this awesome building set.  All.552.pieces.  I love this STEM TOY, but I wanted to find a way to keep it organized. ...

EASY DIY Storage Shelves

Simple, sturdy shelving units PIN IT TO SAVE FOR LATER: So I was down in my basement exercising one day and you know what?  I...

Shop Hack – Clamp Organization

So, there are tons of articles and blog posts on how to organize your clamps in your workshop.  I came up with a slightly different...

Favorite Doll for Little Girls

How sweet is this? I bought this little STUFFED BUNNY PLUSH RABBIT DOLL for my baby girl about a year ago and it is definitely a...

Modern Farmhouse Living Room

I’ve recently been rearranging my living room and wanted to share a few things that I’ve done. Our house has a beautiful two-story stone fireplace...
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