How to Save up to 10% at Favorite Stores & Restaurants

How to Save Money Shopping at Your Favorite Stores & Restaurants

Everyone is always looking for that easy way to save money.  There are lots of ways to save, but we don’t always want or have the time to do all the things out there.  Sometimes it just isn’t worth it, right?! Should you be clipping store coupons, digital coupons, savings apps, price comparison and running to different stores for the best deals??  It is hard to figure out what actually is worth your time!

I have found a way to save up to 10% at your favorite stores & restaurants that really is a no brainer….it really doesn’t take any work on your part! Isn’t that awesome!!  So let’s get to it!

You may have already heard of the savings app IBOTTA, but what you may not know is that they now offer a totally new way to get CASH BACK!!! AND.IT.IS.AWESOME!!!!  All you do is checkout like you always do at over 30 of your favorite stores, then when it’s time to pay, just open the app and enter the amount due.  The app instantly creates a gift card on your phone that the cashier scans.  DONE & CASH BACK ON THE WAY TO YOU!  Yes, it is really that easy!!

TO JOIN IBOTTA CLICK HERE —-> JOIN IBOTTA HERE . (Be sure to not miss out on the special bonuses they offer when you join and start using the app!)

How to Save using Pay with Ibotta

Then, select PAY WITH IBOTTA in the app and enter your credit card information, so you are ready to use the app when you are shopping.

How to Use Pay with Ibotta

As of the time I published this post, here are the stores & restaurants you can use PAY WITH IBOTTA:

💲 AMC Theaters – 5%
💲 Adias – 5%
💲 American Eagle – 5%
💲 Applebee’s – 5%
💲 Athleta- 7%
💲 Aeropostale -5%
💲 Baby Depot- 5%
💲 Baby Gap- 7%
💲 Banana Republic – 7%
💲 Barnes & Noble- 5%
💲 Bass Pro- 7%
💲 Bath & Body Works 7%
💲 Beans & Brews Coffee House – 9%
💲 Bed, Bath, & Beyond – 3%
💲 Bob Evans – 9%
💲 Boscov’s – 8%
💲 Burlington- 5%
💲 Buy Buy Baby – 6%
💲 Cabela’s 9%
💲 Chili’s – 6%
💲 Chipolte- 2%
💲 Cost Plus World Market- 6%
💲 Express- 9%
💲 Foot Locker- 10%
💲 Forever 21- 4%
💲 Gamestop- 7%
💲 Gap – 7%
💲 IHOP- 5%
💲 Jamba Juice- 7%
💲 Longhorn Steakhouse-5%
💲 Lord & Taylor – 5%
💲 Lowe’s 3%
💲 Old Navy 7%
💲 Olive Garden – 5%
💲 Peet’s Coffee- 7%
💲 Petco – 10%
💲 Regal Cinemas- 5%
💲 Sephora – 6%
💲 Sheetz -1%
💲 Starbucks- 3%
💲 Steak & Shake – 4%
💲 Sunglass Hut- 9%
💲 Texas Roadhouse – 5%
💲 The Children’s Place- 5%
💲The Container Store -5%
💲 The Home Depot – 2%
💲 Topgolf- 4%
💲 Ulta – 7%
💲 Unleashed- 10%
💲 Water Street Coffee- 9%

💲 Walmart – 1%

💲 Yankee Candle- 8%
💲 Yard House – 5%


  • Autozone – 5%
  • Christmas Tree Shoppes – 3%
  • Dave & Buster’s – 9%
  • Fazoli’s – 10%
  • Home Depot – 2%
  • Jersey Mike’s – 4%
  • Krispy Kreme – 9%
  • Office Max – 9%
  • Whole Foods Market – 1%

(These percentages can change without warning, so always check before you shop.  Also, keep your eye out for new stores being added. For example, WALMART was just added!)

As you can see the percentages range from 1-10% CASH BACK.  To really maximize your savings, link a credit card to the app that offers cash back, too.  How cool is that!?! My credit card offers 1-4% cash back, so adding that to the IBOTTA cash back percentages….it adds up!

Keep in mind that the PAY WITH IBOTTA is on top of using the app in the more traditional way of finding offers at stores you shop at and scanning your receipts to get cash back.  If you do that, too, it adds up MORE!!!  And, if you clip traditional coupons, again…save even more.  You choose how much effort you want to put into getting more discounts, but PAY WITH IBOTTA is a totally no brainer…so easy & you save EVERY TIME YOU SHOP AT THESE RETAILERS & RESTAURANTS!

To learn more about all the ways you can use IBOTTA, check out my ARTICLE ON HOW I SAVED $200 USING IBOTTA.  (And, that was before PAY W/ IBOTTA STARTED!)


You will get a chance to earn bonus cash back offers when you start using IBOTTA and I will have the chance to earn additional cash back when you join through my link.  Thank you for reading my post and thank you for joining using my link!


How to Save Money Shopping at Your Favorite Stores & Restaurants

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