Dollar Store Hack – FAUX STENCILED GIFT WRAP Farmhouse Style

Dollar Store Hack Farmhouse Faux Stenciled Christmas Wrap DIY

Ahhh…’s that time of year.  Endless crafting for the holiday season.  I stumbled across this idea the other day while crafting with my little ones.  They love their little holiday stamps and they were busy stamping away.  Later that night I was watching the Instagram stories of one of my favorite decor bloggers Janna Allbritton from Yellow Prairie Interiors.  If you follow Janna, you know she has a love of stenciling and uses it in such beautiful ways throughout her home.  She was sharing a stencil that she loved and had used to create a beautiful gift wrapped package.  The next day the two ideas came together for me…..hope it gives you an easy and fun way to add some beautiful touches to your gift wrap this year! I love how the use of the set of stamps gives you so many options to create lots of different faux stenciled looks, rather than you get from buying 1 stencil.  Enjoy!

Let’s get to it!!






BLACK/WHITE & RED/WHITE RIBBON – I love this set…25 yards of each color…sooo many ways you will be able to use it! (The ribbon is a true red, it’s showing more of an orangey tone below.)

Dollar Store Hack Faux Stencil Gift Wrap Farmhouse Style


Dollar Store Hack Faux Stencil Gift Wrap Farmhouse Style


  1. First, I measured out how much paper I would need to wrap my box and cut out the brown craft paper.  Then, I laid it out flat.
  2. Next, I began to measure out how I wanted to do the faux stencil. To start I measured down 1 inch from the top on the left and right edge of the paper to have a starting point.

Dollar Store Hack Faux Stencil Gift Wrap Farmhouse Style 3. On the package with the red snowflake faux stencil, I made marks every three inches vertically with my pencil to have guidelines to follow.

4. Next, I made marks every three inches horizontally showing where I should put each stamp mark.

Dollar Store Hack Faux Stencil Gift Wrap Farmhouse Style

5.  Then, I went down to the next guideline that was 3 inches below and made a mark 1 inch to the right to start the staggered look you want to have with a stencil.   After that initial mark 1 step to the right, I then made marks every 3 inches through the end of that line across the paper.

6.  On the next guideline down, I started my first mark 2 inches to the right of the guideline mark, and then continued the pattern of making a mark every three inches across the paper.

7.  I continued this process through the bottom of the page.

8.  Now I was ready to start stamping to create the faux stencil gift wrap.

Dollar Store Hack Faux Stencil Gift Wrap Farmhouse Style

On the package with the green holly leaves, I used a 2 inch spacing for the stamps, rather than the 3 inch.  You can choose what look you like best, and I personally think it’s nice to mix up the spacing if you are doing several packages.  It creates a nice coordinated look, rather than all the same.

Dollar Store Hack Faux Stencil Gift Wrap Farmhouse Style

Dollar Store Hack Faux Stencil Gift Wrap Farmhouse Style

I then did a very simple addition of the checked ribbon.  I love buffalo check accents, so this ribbon ties in my love of that in a sweet little way!

Dollar Store Hack Faux Stencil Gift Wrap Farmhouse Style

I think they turned out so cute! A simple way to add farmhouse style to your gift wrap this year.


FAUX Stenciled Farmhouse Christmas Gift Wrap DIY - Dollar Store Hack

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