Dollar Store – Felt Leaf Fall Garland

Felt Leaf Fall Garland - Dollar Store DIY

Fall decorating is so easy to become our favorite, isn’t it?!  Everything cozy and warm…and lots of texture!  Better yet when we can achieve that for $1 at our local dollar store!  That is exactly what you can do with this super simple idea!

I have to admit I actually picked these up to use to decorate my kids’ playroom for Fall.  I love adding these felt cutouts from the dollar stores for different seasons in our playroom.  It’s just adorable!  You can see my favorite snowflake winter ones HERE. I just love how they look on the walls….and for $1! So…anyway…I made to snag another pack to use in the playroom, since I now have these in our family room, haha! And, another great DIY I did in the playroom are these FARMHOUSE STYLE POSTER FRAMES.

20181217_094358 (2).jpg

Let’s get to our FALL FELT LEAF GARLAND!!!


  • 1 pack of felt cut out leaves
  • twine
  • scissors
DIY Dollar Store Felt Leaf Fall Garland
This is the set I picked up at our local Dollar Tree.

DIY Dollar Store Felt Leaf Fall Garland w/ twine


  1. Separate the leaves into stacks by leaf type.  This set has 5 colors and 4 leaf styles.  I wanted to have a repeating pattern of color and a repeating pattern of leaves through the garland.  For example, the color pattern for mine is: red, yellow, brown, orange, and green.  So, I used the red for the first leaf style in the set, the yellow from the next set, the brown from the third style, the orange from the fourth style, and finally the green from the last.  Then, I kept repeating through the stacks in that color order.

    DIY Dollar Store Felt Leaf Fall Garland
    These are all the colors in the set, showing one leaf style in the pack.
  2. Next, simply string the leaves on the twine. I didn’t need to knot them individually to the twine as the felt and the twine had enough friction in between them that the leaves don’t slide around on their own.

DIY Dollar Store Felt Leaf Fall Garland

3.  Don’t worry about spacing the leaves out and you string them on.  Just get them on in the order you want them.

DIY Dollar Store Felt Leaf Fall Garland

4.  Decide how long you want to make your garland.  I measured mine to fit above our triple window in our family room.  I cut the twine a bit longer than seven feet, but you can make yours to suit your space you want to hang it. That’s a great thing about not having to secure the leaves in place, you can adjust the leaves to use on longer and shorter pieces you want to display it on, so it is easy to move it around! (Once I cut it I decided  to hang it from our FRAMED SHIPLAP.  You can get our FREE PLANS to make your own here:


DIY Felt Leaf Fall Garland Dollar Store - Framed Shiplap

5.  I made a simple loop knot on the ends so that the leaves would not be able to slide off the twine.

DIY Felt Leaf Fall Garland Dollar Store - Framed Shiplap

6.  Space out your leaves evenly on your twine & enjoy!

Enjoy & happy Fall!!! Let me know if you add this to your Fall decor! So cute & soo easy…and cheap!  Thanks for reading! 


DIY Felt Leaf Fall Garland Dollar Store

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